Pedagogical activity

Disseminating contemporary culture – of which music is an outstanding part – among young generations of students of all types and ages is of the utmost importance for the Madrid Association of Composers, both in conservatories and schools, at any level of education, from elementary to college.    

The success achieved at family screening concerts, conferences and presentation programs, at concerts in collaboration with non-professional performers – students or amateurs -, all indicate that the pessimistic view, according to which the young generation is impervious to today’s high culture — in this case contemporary music — is radically false.

Teaching materials

Contemporary music is characterized by high difficulty in its interpretation. Only few interpreters specialize in this type of music and most have to do so outside of our borders.

 Contemporary training in our country suffers from great gaps. On one hand, most study plans do not regard it in a special way. 

On the other, the majority of teachers lack training, making it impossible for them to train students.

And finally, there is a shortage of educational material at different levels that would allow students to learn about contemporary music from the first stages of their training.

In this sense, we at AMCC try to supply educational centres with the necessary materials for contemporary music studies, such as easily accessible scores of different educational levels.

Piano Miniatures

Guitar miniatures

Composers Catalogues

Composers’ works catalogued by musical instruments.