Federation of Iberian Associations of Composers

In March 2011, the II FAIC meeting (Federation of Iberian Composers Associations) was held in Murcia.

The creation of FAIC responds to the need of creating a strong and united collective that is capable of undertaking actions at the national level to protect a profession like the composer of non-commercial or consumer music. In that profession, due to its own idiosyncrasy, one has to work in hermitic isolation, fight alone to make place for oneself, to have his voice heard in a society that shows little interest in music that follows the great cultured tradition.

The main objectives are: to defence authors’ rights, pedagogical dissemination among young generations, to promote of the contemporary work of Spanish authors, the creation of a network that keeps Spanish composers in contact.

Main website: http://www.compositoresfaic.com/

Member organizations:

ACC (Catalan Compositors Association)

AGC (Galician Association of Composers)

AMCC (Madrid Association of Composers)

ACEX (Association of Composers of Extremadura)

CIMMA (Association of Composers and Researchers of the Murcia region)

COSICOVA (Association of Symphonic Composers of the Valencian region)

PROMUSCAN (Association of Canarian Musicians)

COSIMTE (Association of Symphonic Composers and Musicologists of Tenerife)

ACIM (Association of Composers and Interpreters from Malaga)

MUSIKAGILEAK (Cultural Association for the Promotion of Basque Composition)