Organization chart

Organization chart

In the General Assembly of September 15, 2008 our current President Sebastián Mariné was elected. The current Board is made up of the following members:

President: Sebastián Mariné.

Vice President: Enrique Muñoz.

Treasurer: Constancio Hernáez.

Secretary: Alejandro Moreno.

Members of the board: Enrique Igoa, Ramón Paús, Juanjo Talavera, Flores Chaviano, Sergio Blardony, Manuel Ruiz del Corral, Beatriz Arzamendi.

As stated in our statutes, elections are held every second year, where members of the board can resign or being elected, as well as new candidates can apply for the presidency. All members can cast a vote and are encouraged to participate in the regular activities of the different workgroups.