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We're reaching out to fellow composers and artists around the world.

We firmly believe that contemporary arts should work together, finding ways to express our current sensibilities

Pedagogical activity

Disseminating contemporary culture – of which music is an outstanding part – among young generations of students of all types and ages is of the utmost importance for the Madrid Association of Composers, both in...
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Federation of Iberian Associations of Composers In March 2011, the II FAIC meeting (Federation of Iberian Composers Associations) was held in Murcia. The creation of FAIC responds to the need of creating a strong and...
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Contact us

Do you want to know more about our activities? Do you want to know how to join the AMCC as a full member? Do you have proposals for our COMA Festival? You can contact us...
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Promoting contemporary music in Spain in the 21st Century

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About AMCC

AMCC: Presentation and goals Contemporary classical music in the Community of Madrid suffered from the absence of an associative entity of composers, a strong and...
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Organization chart

In the General Assembly of September 15, 2008 our current President Sebastián Mariné was elected. The current Board is made up of the following members:...
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César Aliaj Jesús León Álvaro Bruno Angelo Manuel Angulo Jesús Aranda Peña María José Arrillaga Valero Beatriz Arzamendi Alejandro de la Barrera Luis de la...
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COMA Festival: an overview

A quarter of a century bringing contemporary music to Spanish audiences... and now opening to the world. Interested?


The longest running contemporary festival in Spain COMA (Madrid International Contemporary Music Festival) is a project for creation and development of contemporary music created and released...

Past Editions

With a rich history and almost 350 concerts celebrated, we are showcasing talent beyond spain's borders and out into the world. We invite you to...
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What is COMA [inter / cycle]

COMA Festival’s [inter / cycle] program is specifically dedicated to international collaborations with other countries, performers and institutions. It’s the most ambitious in its reach...
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