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The longest running contemporary festival in Spain COMA (Madrid International Contemporary Music Festival) is a project for creation and development of contemporary music created and released in our country, with linkages that span national and international collaborations. that the Madrid Association of Composers AMCC has been uninterruptedly organizing the International Contemporary Music Festival of …

Past Editions

With a rich history and almost 350 concerts celebrated, we are showcasing talent beyond spain’s borders and out into the world. We invite you to browse through our rich history. Please click on each thumbnail to see our past activities      

What is COMA [inter / cycle]

COMA Festival’s [inter / cycle] program is specifically dedicated to international collaborations with other countries, performers and institutions. It’s the most ambitious in its reach and media projection. After the incorporation of foreign composers’ works in recent years, [inter / cycle] has been working on establishing itself as the international …